Things You Can Do to Your Website Today to Push into 2020

The fact is, 2019 is almost done. Whatever your goals were, it’s most likely too late to pivot now if you’re not there. All is not lost. Now it’s time to ask what you can do now to ensure 2020 launches with momentum. One way to bring your 2020 marketing into focus is to check the health of your website. Is your website generating leads and customers? Does your social media align with your website? Is your content relevant to your ideal customers?


It’s a lot to think about as the new year approaches. But it’s not impossible. You got this!

1. Implement Chatbots and Live Chat
Conversational marketing is taking over. Direct, one-on-one messaging is bypassing our clogged inboxes and unanswered phones to become the world’s preferred way to communicate. And better communication means a faster, more efficient buyer’s journey in which you’re uncovering the right questions and tactics to deliver the most relevant message possible to potential customers.

The progression of AI technology has not only made chatbots an awesome customer service option, they’re also quickly becoming a mandatory requirement of next-level sales and marketing. With the right conversational marketing chatbots in place, you can answer every common question, qualify leads, set meetings and more, while your business benefits from strangers turning into customers, faster. If you can implement chatbots and live chat, and make them truly conversational like a human, you’re setting up your 2020 marketing for growth.

2. Measure Your Marketing
Get yourself some visitor tracking software so you can actually see how people are using your website or not before you make assumptions and sweeping changes. We all have opinions. But facts make decisions more scalable. The right tracking software/analytics will inform decision making to remove personal opinions.

3. Focus on User Experience
In addition to the customer journey, think about the user experience overall. How can you make the user experiences super frictionless?

When you focus on user or customer experience to remove as much friction as possible, you’ll increase customer delight, a big part of the inbound marketing methodology that fuels a powerful marketing flywheel. This strategy will become even more important next year.

4. Optimize for Mobile
When it comes to mobile, it’s more than just design, think about the WHY. Why would someone be on your website on their phone?

Is your business something they want while they’re driving somewhere? If there’s an immediate need for your product or service, don’t bog them down with marketing content on your home page. Get right to the point and give them what they need. If your customers are researching on their phones, and they are, then make sure the mobile experience is tailored to smaller screens.

5. Test Your Conversion Points
Another way to make sure your website is set up for 2020 success is to consider where on the site users can convert from visitor to known contact. Test out different conversion points as it fits their needs. This could include pop up forms, chatbots, general forms, calls to action (CTAs) and more. As you test what’s working and what isn’t, make adjustments based on results and data rather than opinions and marketing “best practices.”

6. Implement Social Media
When businesses consider social media marketing, they often slip into the “traditional marketing” mindset of interrupting prospects who use social media by broadcasting their message. For your 2020 marketing plan, we’d suggest shifting that to more of an inbound mindset. This should include ensuring your social icons are easily found on your website. But then it’s also a shift to social listening. You should use social media to listen for things that are happening in your industry. Look for prospects asking advice on a topic you’re well versed in. An important part of leveraging social media for business is to understand the conversations that are happening online that are related to your industry. Recognize how and where you should respond, and work to share content that reinforces your position as a leader.

7. Optimize your Google My Business.
Maybe you created or claimed a Google My Business listing at one time. But when was the last time you touched it? With this listing in Google, you’re spoon-feeding information to the world’s largest search engine to improve your local SEO. Schedule time in 2020 to give it some regular love and attention.

8. Focus on Context
When an ad speaks our language and really understands us, we’re more likely to buy. Whether it’s seeing the latest fashion in an Instagram post or finding a gift our kid would love for a gift on Facebook, when it matters to us, we see it. The same goes for content on a website. What if you could ask your website visitors who they are and what they need, then served them content that matched that? Context will make visitors feel more welcome and take your 2020 marketing plan to a new level.

Make sure you’re getting ready for 2020 now. Not sure you’re on the right track? Set up a meeting with one of the ECAT online solution experts and let’s make your next year the best yet!

Posted on 25 November 2019
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