What is a Progressive Web App?


This is an app that looks and feels like a native mobile app. 

The convenient thing about the app is that there is no need to download the app from the Google Play Store or IOS App store, it runs in the browser. 

This comes as an answer to many concerns of slow networks, data limitations and lack of connectivity Progressive Web App’s eliminate these issues. 

Websites that meet all the requirements of the Progressive Web App’s support the most current web technologies to give dependable, fast and engaging user experience. 
There are fundamental characteristics of Progressive Web App’s: responsiveness, installable, independent Connectivity, discoverability, appearance and cross Platform

Twitter is a great example of a progressive web application, if you go ahead and log into Twitter account via your smartphone’s browser. You access a Progressive Web App, you are capable to perform real time notifications, offline notifications and other app, and other app-like functions.
Another app is Gmail if you log into the app via your smart phone’s browser, you will be able to have an app like experience. Which allows you to individually select emails, label them, move them between folders etc. You will be able to see new emails drop into your inbox in real-time. 

There are many more apps that allow for you to experience the advances that a provided by this app. It is fair to say that Ecat Online thinks Progressive Web App’s are the future. Progressive Web App’s could and should eventually replace most native apps.

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Posted on 21 April 2022
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