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Database Solutions

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Our Specialists are well in tune with database algorithm and architecture.
With over 20 years of epxertise on complex online solutions, no project is too big or too small for us!

The management of your online database is probably the biggest task we undertake for you. Some of our customers can have up to 50,000 products, all of which need to be included into their database. In order to have an effective system, specifically designed for this type of application, this activity can amount to hundreds of thousands of Rands of just online development work & website hosting.

Over the years, we developed a state of the art Back End system, which allow us to create and maintain these online databases in an easy, efficient and cost-effective manner. We are catering for all types of interactive databases, which can be used in a simple system or a very complex system, e.g. online procurement, for instance.

Benefit of Using ECAT Database Expertise

  • Over 30 years of programming and database expertise
  • We make use exclusively of SQL database on all our online solutions
  • We have successfully designed and implemented even the most complex and advanced database structure for the building industry

Database Architecture

Our main database architecture is comprehensive, while at the same time, is stable and flexible. It fits almost any type of requirements and you can be assured that, as our customer, it will most certainly fit your needs.

Single Database Solution

For every customer, a single database is created, which will allow the capturing of the following information

  • Company information
    • ✓  name
    • ✓  description
    • ✓  contact details
    • ✓  images, description, etc...
  • Product information
    • ✓  name
    • ✓  code
    • ✓  price, quantities
    • ✓  images, description, etc.
    • ✓  Categories (every company or product can be linked to multiple categories)

Multiple Database Solution

All our single databases can also, at the same time, interact with each other by merging or synchronizing thereof, thus ensuring uniformity and stability across all the databases.

This is the model we use for all wholesalers and merchants (industry database). Since they are dealing with multiple suppliers at once, it is easier for us to create a single database per supplier, and, thereafter, to synchronize their single database with the one corresponding to the wholesaler/merchant.

Central Database Diagram

The following diagram describes, in a simple manner, how the different inputs of information into the central database work and, also, the different areas where the information can be used.

central database diagram

Database Maintenance

We are offering to each and every client 3 ways of maintaining the product catalogue database:

Database Maintenance done by ECAT

The ECAT team, as a well-established capturing team, will capture and update, on a daily basis, our clients' product information. For this task, we use a highly sophisticated windows application, which allow us to handle and 'manipulate' speedily and efficiently virtually any type of product information.

Should you choose this option, your product catalogue should be provided or supplied to us in anyone of the following formats:

  • High quality PDF Catalogue format (unlock)
  • Excel format (easiest for us)
  • Word document format

Online Database Maintenance

For some of our clients, who have a lot of time on their hand (a rare occurrence nowadays..) or who simply want to maintain their own online product catalogue, we offer an online module, which allows each and every one of our clients to update their own product information online.

Remote Database Synchronization

In the event that you are using a multiple database solution, this option will certainly be the most advantageous and efficient way of ensuring that your database is always up to date. Some of your suppliers may already have an online catalogue implemented for their website. In this event, we will simply install on their server our 'Remote Module', which will export, on a monthly basis, your supplier's online catalogue details and import it automatically into your own online catalogue. What an excellent way of doing things!

Database Applications

Our database can be used for any purpose (the sky is the limit!), but we provide below a few examples of where it can be used

  • ✓ Recording of Website Activities
  • ✓ User Registration
  • ✓ Online Transaction History
  • ✓ eProcurement system
  • ✓ Online Product Catalogue

Backup System

One of the key components of every online solution is the backup of your database system and the entire contents of your website. With ECAT, you can be at ease, as we have divised an exclusive backup system, which will allow us and you, the customer, to maintain a complete backup at different locations. All our databases are backed up on a daily basis and can optionally be sent to you by email in an excel format. You can, at any time, request a copy of all the artwork which was used to create your website, you have paid for it, and it is yours....!


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