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ECAT eCommerce solution is your best way to conclude a transaction online!

The ECAT eCommerce solutions gives you all the flexibility and features that are needed to offer your client the peace of mind to buy online. In service for many years, and used by some of the biggest company on the continent, this system has been tested and offer a full range of functionality while keeping simplicity at the fore front.

Our ecommerce systems offered two different solutions which can be used either in a combined or separate system.

Buying on Account

Your existing client will be able to register and ordered online. All displayed prices will include the corresponding discount structure and all orders will be processed directly into your accounting system therefore saving considerable resource and time.

Buying as a cash client

Whit this option, anyone can buy online and will be treated as a cash client. Standard prices will be display and payment can be done via the following options: Credit Card, payD, MasterCard mobile, MasterPass

Order Validation

Here below the different validation process that must be meet before processing any order
  • Buyers Details: All buyers details must be entered in full and validated in order to process further. The details includes: company name, email, telephone, contact person, delivery address, etc…
  • Minimum Order: Our system allow you to setup a minimum ordering fee. No order will be process unless the user shopping basket reach the minimum requirement
  • Pack Size: All item quantity can be validated against their different pack size. A pack size represent the number of items included in one packet. The quantity to order must therefore be a multiple of the pack size.
  • Terms & Conditions: No order can be processed without acceptance of the “Terms and Conditions”

Delivery Fee

You want to add a delivery fee on your transaction, this can easily be done. Our system allow you to setup a delivery fee per region or per minimum order.

Custom Features

If you requirement are not fully meet with our current system we will be happy to develop any extra features in order to ensure the success of your eCommerce system

Price Update

Prices can be uploaded directly via your accounting system or simply imported online via a simple excel sheet.


All transactions can be fully monitored and tracked in our “BackEnd Management” system.

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