Google Shopping

Increase Siginificantly your Products Exposure.
Google Shopping

Increase your Products Exposure with Google Store

We are one of the few companies in South Africa who can effectively sell on the Google Shopping platform & and give maximum exposure to your products

We put your products in the spotlight.

Over the last several years, Google Shopping has evolved into a profitable marketing channel for many businesses. Google's updates dramatically altered the paid marketing landscape, and over time transformed Google Shopping from an optional sales tactic into a must-have ad format for eCommerce businesses worldwide.

Google Shopping is a smart way to generate massive sales for your e-commerce store. Often over-looked as a viable traffic source, it presents your products front and center to willing buyers.

At ECAT, we are fully committed in making our client successful. With our combine knowledge of eCommerce store, Google AdWords & SEO Optimization, we will ensure optimal exposures of your products across all platforms

Get better qualified leads from Google

By providing relevant product information, Google Shopping advertisement help you increase the quality of your leads. Shoppers are looking to make an informed purchasing decision, and through visually revealing, information rich ads, visitors land on your product page with a high intent to purchase. With Google Shopping Ads, the customer can see enough information within the ad that they're already a little familiar with your product when they arrive at your website.

Get Ahead of the Competition

If you’re looking to stay ahead of your competitors, it may be time to revamp your marketing efforts in favour of today’s paid marketing trend. Your Google Shopping ads will appear when people are looking specifically for your products with a strong intention to buy. With attractive pictures and useful information, you can attract the right audience and stand out among your competition. Who chose wrongly not to create shopping ads!

Partner with a Dedicated Google Shopping Agency

Imagine your products taking prime position on Google search results. Daydream about higher click-through rates and a lower cost-per-click. Now stop imagining it. Because ECAT is here to turn that into a reality. We aim to get you to the top and keep you there. Here’s how;

✓  Feed Creation

We are not interested in just covering the basics of your feed. We’re playing hard ball and all about optimizing your feed to the highest possible level. We are doing that with a tried-and-tested approach and a detailed analysis to plan your unique strategy. We make sure that your database complies to all Google requirements and meet the highest publishing standard

✓  Bidding

Bidding can be very tricky. If not done the correct way, you may end up losing thousands of rand. With our experience, we use scientific methods to get you the optimal bid. We will have your products appearing for the right search queries and your ads working harder to generate those impressive profits and return.

✓  Monitoring & Optimization

With proper monitoring and further optimization, we have the means to take a good campaign and make it great. With a careful eye and a creative touch, there are no limits to where your business could go.


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What is Google shop / Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a new product discovery experience which helps millions of people discover, explore, and buy your products. The goal is to make it easy for users to research purchases, find information about different products, their features and prices, and then connect with sellers to make their purchase.

How does Google Shopping work?

Google Shopping enables users to view products with information directly from the seller. This means you are able to show the current prices, latest offers and current product availability.

Is Google Shopping Free?

Google Shopping is part of our Google AdWords and SEO packages.

How does Google Shopping compare with other shopping sites?

Google Shopping does not sell products directly to shoppers. Instead it displays product information from your store and makes those products searchable for users. Google Shopping is a product based discovery tool on the Google platform. Please refer to our E-Commerce section if you require online store functionality.

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