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All Our Online Solutions Are Completely Hosted On Our Servers.
Web Hosting

All our servers are located in a safe and a highly secured environment in Johannesburg (Internet Solutions). Service interruptions are rare and normally brief, while our IT response is always quick and effective. The speed of internet access across all our websites is of high standard, well above the norm.

Our low cost and reliable hosting package will ensure that your online solution will be hosted in a highly stable environment that meet most of the international standard.

Our web server security is of up most importance and run periodically rigorous test according to the international standard security checklist.
Some of our test and analysis includes: vulnerability scan, penetration test, firewall, https protocol, secure database.

Backup Plan

We create multiple backup across multiple platform and location to ensure the integrity of the system and to facilitate a quick and easy recovery process

  1. Backup using RedStore on the live server. [Type: Incremental, Location: Dimension Data Bryanston, Recurrence: Daily]
  2. Dropbox Backup: [Type: Incremental, Location: Cloud, Recurrence: Daily]
  3. Backup on ECAT local server [Type: Incremental, Location: Pretoria, Recurrence: Weekly]
  4. Backup on External Drive [Type: Full, Location: Pretoria, Recurrence: Monthly]
  5. Backup on Owner Laptop [Type: Full, Location: Mobile, Recurrence: Quarterly]

Backup on Owner Laptop [Type: Full, Location: Mobile, Recurrence: Quarterly]

    ✓ Each backup includes the following information

  • All Website files
  • MSSSQL Database
  • Content Management
  • Content Management


A Digital certificate will be installed on the server to enable a Secure Shell Layer (SSL) protocol. The SSL protocol will encrypt all data transmitted between the server and host client browser ensuring information security from threats such as Man in the Middle attack. Our server is hosted at Dimension Data in Bryanston in a secure environment.

  • Dimension Data Firewall
  • Instrusion Detection Software
  • Latest Google CAPTCHA V3 integrated with all forms to protect the website from DDOS threat through the use of botnets.
  • Internation standard security test conducted on a monthly basis ensuring the site protection against external threat.
  • Fully POPI compliant


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