Charity Organization

14. Charity Organization

One of ECAT’s mandate is to uplift the community by contributing financially to charity organizations, the church, or any other entities that we believe will benefit from our mission to help and support them.

Below is a list of organizations that ECAT is proud to be associated with;


Save the Children South Africa is part of the world’s largest independent development and rights based organisation for children, represented in over 120 countries worldwide. We believe that every child should get the chance to fulfil their potential. We help the poorest children get a better start in life, to grow up with a brighter future, to receive a quality education and to follow their dreams.

Olivers House

Oliver’s House is a non-profit organisation operating from Benoni on the East Rand. Oliver’s House was founded in April 2001. We are committed to providing a free and responsible service to the community and also extending these services into as many disadvantaged communities as possible. We are also committed to developing Oliver’s Village into being a vibrant and energetic NGO.

Tilulu Arts & Cultures Centre

Tilulu Arts & Culture is committed to exploring, to building and to embracing the Pride and Heritage of our people Africa. We endeavour to unite our Rainbow Nation of our youth, women and children through cultural music, song and dance. To grant students the freedom to develop their creativity in the arts world and to provide opportunities for the community to participate as creators, learners and performers. To nurture valuable ideals by encouraging children to be dedicated, responsible and caring individuals ready to meet the challenging demands we are faced with in our rapidly changing world.

Bethesda Healing Ministries – Eldorado Park

BHM is a Christian fellowship led by Pastor Joe Cidras serving the community of Eldorado Park/Soweto and the Gauteng region. It is a newly established 3 year old church without proper facilities and survives solely on the support from the community and those who wishes to assist. It offers a feeding scheme and a home cooked meal every Sunday for the community and our support is extremely beneficial to them.

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