Our Academy

1. The ECAT Academy

The ECAT Academy is the brain child of ECAT Online System, a South African based enterprise selling online system. The idea originated from many years of experience locally and abroad and is targeted at uplifting individual skills of talented youths.

The ECAT Academy seeks to provide skills, training and real work experience to young black (as per B-BBEE black refers Africans, Coloureds, Indians, Chinese and White females) graduates entering the job market.

From a humble beginning along with many trials and errors, the ECAT academy has now reached the point where every successful individual groomed and trained by us, now have a success rate of 100% in the employment market.

But realizing that we are still at an infant stage, our goals remain steady and secure. We are hoping to reach a growth in the next 5 years whereby we’ll be able to effectively train over 50 interns over a 6 month period, who will become successful individuals contributing immensely to the economic growth of South Africa.

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