Future Development & Expansion

13. Future Development & Expansion

We believe in the philosophy of one step at a time and that every step must be a secure one. We are currently uplifting two candidates and have so far brought them in a situation where their overall expertise and knowledge will ensure them employment. Our next step is now to develop them into a specific field expertise and to make them essential component of the employment market.

Within this year we are planning to recruit two more candidates in order to consolidate our training program, to gain more experience and to fix any loophole in our system.

Our goal is to achieve a 100% success rate with every candidate coming into our rank. From the beginning of the project, every candidate will grow financially and in knowledge and become a highly successful individual.

With adequate funding, we are hoping to grow our number of yearly candidates to 20 in the first 2 years. Within a five-year period, we are hoping to have trained 50-100 candidates on a yearly basis.

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