Progress Assessment

8. Selection Process & Recruitment

1. Curriculum Vitae - Your CV

Each candidate will be requested to send their CV by email to the ECAT academy. Each CV will be scrutinised and screened according to our basic and general criteria's.

2. Interview

The selected candidates will be requested to present themselves to the ECAT head office (PTA) where an interview will be conducted.

3. Second Interview

If a larger number of candidates have shown enough potential after the initial interview, a second interview will be requested for the downsized candidates. It is thereafter that a decision will be made in selecting the number of candidates according to the current available opening.

4. Trial Period

The selected candidates will be requested to work on a trial basis for ECAT for a period of 1 to 2 weeks. During this period, the candidates will be evaluated according to the many different task given to them. Each task will be diversified and will enable us to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

5. Recruitment

This is during the trial period that we will define and plan each candidate course and training schedule. If we feel that a candidate cannot meet our standards and requirements, we will orientate him/her and give them all the necessary feedback as to why we think this individual would be more successful outside the ECAT academy environment and in which line of work.

6. Agreement & Rules

Each selected candidates will officially become an ECAT intern of the ECAT Academy and they will be requested to sign a normal employment contract for a fixed term duration (fixed term contract). The ECAT management will go through the entire agreement with the candidate and explain the rules protecting the employee & employer. The intern will also be briefed about all internal policies. The duration of the employment will be on a 6 month basis and could be renewable on an extended or permanent basis depending on previous results and on the expectation of all affected parties.

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