Our Vision and Mission

5. Our Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of ECAT academy is as follow:

  • To support and uplift young previously disadvantaged, talented and dedicated individuals by giving them real workplace experience, and teaching them how to interact, operate and be confident in a working environment.
  • To equip and educate each and every intern according to our pre-selected training module, thus bringing their corresponding knowledge and skill to an international standard.
  • Indoctrinate the spirit of self-belief into all our interns which will grant them all the necessary tools to reach their full potential and bring them to a position where their level of professionalism will ensure success into any endeavour they wish to undertake.
  • Empower individuals to understand all workplace conditions, basic employment procedures, productivity, punctuality, respect for their colleagues and management, team work, time management and all other pertinent functions relevant to a conductive working environment.
  • Be the employer who cares about employee’s wellbeing both inside and outside the working environment.
  • Helping every intern in identifying their weakness and strong points in order to enable them to make the right choices in terms of their future and professional career.
  • Enabling every intern to play an integral role in the mainstream economy of South Africa while helping them earn a sustainable living and securing a prosperous future.
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