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Brelko design and manufacture conveyor belt cleaning equipment for a trouble-free flow of materials at transfer and load points. Although founded in Johannesburg – South Africa, Brelko supply and service their products throughout the world, with branches in the United Kingdom and the United States, their master distributors in Australia, Chile, Europe and Greece, and agents located in Africa and more than 40 countries.

After learning that ECAT is the best professional website design company in South Africa, Brelko approached us to assist them as they expand their website coverage beyond the South African boarders. The client wanted their website to be a fully multilanguage website. As this was a unique business venture there was a lot of planning from both ECAT and Brelko to identify the best approach. Using our cutting-edge website design & development services we have been able to give the client exactly what they wanted; a fully multilanguage website featuring English, French, Arabic, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. Our web designing team simplified what seemed to have been a complex project. Brelko take pride in their products, that is why we employed our database solution to ensure that their product pages are rich in content.

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