Improving your website exposure and ranking through Social Media Marketing

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How a good social media strategy can improve your website exposure and ranking

The morality of social media has long been debated, and the data shows that positivity toward the impact of social networking is generally on the low side. But ultimately, 95% of the online population continue to use social websites or apps.

Succeeding with this digital channel begins with a clearly defined social media marketing strategy. Without a strategy, you are for all effects shooting in the dark, hoping that even one of your posts does well. A strategy will help you get a clearer idea of content that is suited to each specific channel while focusing on the type of posts that will generate interest, engagement, likes, shares, and clicks.

Social media is not just about having a following online, either. Search engines have begun to use social media results as part of their algorithms for real-time search results, which can also have a direct impact on your Search Engine Optimisation results. From a brand reputation point of view, social helps you build a reputation based on transparency. Other benefits of social media marketing include increased traffic to your websites.

With the help of an optimised social media marketing strategy, your business will get the best results, making it easier to increase your brand exposure online and connect with your target audience.

Whether you are aiming to drive engagement or grow your following, ECAT Online social media marketing services make it easier to stand out for all the right reasons. Social media has evolved rapidly over the years. Today, channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube have become as much a part of everyday life as email and the web. Brands that use social media wisely have the power to connect on a deeper level, driving conversion in a way that is organic and far-reaching. Our social media services are divided into a few phases of which the first is the strategic planning phase. We start by determining the need of the client and the goals and objectives of the business. We do research on the industry and the competitors of the client to formulate a strategy.

In the design phase, we create designs and content specifically for each social media platform according to the formulated strategy. For example, when doing Facebook marketing, you might have to use a different approach than you would in Instagram marketing. Depending on your strategy, these designs will be created to either sell your product, inform your customers or to entertain your customers.

To be part of the new norm and grow your sales through Social media marketing, get in touch with ECAT Online

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Posted on 06 August 2021
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