The importance of SSL/ TLS and HTTPS


In today’s social climate it is not of foreign knowledge that the web is not the safest place to have your personal information. The thought of having your banking details being able to land into the hands of internet users or hackers, would be anyone’s biggest nightmare. To ensure this problem does not occur, your eCommerce website should have an SSL/ TLS or HTTPS certificate.

Ecommerce websites handle their user’s sensitive information and giving users the confidence of having a data secure engine is crucial to maintain client trust. Without the security of an SSL/ TLS or HTTPS certificate, confidence cannot be given.   

Furthermore, most countries around the world have enforced data protection laws, which set standards for how personal data can be lawfully processed. There are a lot of countries around the world who have enforced the General Data Protection Regulation in South Africa the Protection of Personal Information Act. You will face significant consequences if failed to comply with.

The Protection of Personal Information Act commencement date was the 1 July 2020, ECAT Online advises all our clients to ensure that they comply with the regulations provided within the Act. Therefore, it would be of importance to look into getting an SSL/TLS or HTTPS certificate to ensure a data secure engine that your users can use with confidence with being protected from hackers and other predicators on the web.

Posted on 07 March 2022
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