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Search Engine Optimization

At ECAT, we do pride ourselves in specialising in SEO OPTIMIZATION

SEO is the art of making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand and has to be considered as a crucial part of your online strategy. SEO is not a cost but an investment with a high return and by using the right online expert, your website will be sure to have a constant growth over time and therefore increasing your revenue

Search engine optimization is essential because

  • When using any of the most common search engine, it will with all like hood display the top 10 suggestions. It is therefore of crucial importance to be rank as high as possible in the search result.
  • Building a website SEO friendly also takes into account a good user experience and usability of the website.
  • It is well know that internet user do trust more a website appearing high in search engine result.
  • SEO is an essential tool to put you ahead of your competition. A website well optimized will rank you higher and generate more sales.

Thus, you get the following benefits from ECAT:

  • Benefits of Using ECAT SEO expertise
  • Targeted Traffic & Keywords Research
  • Website Engineering
  • Offline Submission
  • Corrective Adjustment
  • SEO vs Google AdWord

Benefits of Using ECAT SEO Expertise

The ECAT Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way to go! At ECAT, we will engineer your website to make it more search engine friendly. Google will come to like your website and its content and slowly give priority to your website over your competitor's website. Make no mistake, this is not a simple matter and can be sometimes very frustrating. But, with our many years of expertise, we have developed our unique ECAT SEO strategy in such a way that we can now and are able to guarantee at least 500 unique visitors per month for every customer and website we provide service to.

The following main benefits of our SEO ECAT strategy are provided below:

  • Increased Visibility
  • Increased marketability of your products and services
  • Return on Investment
  • Long Term Positioning
  • Cost Effective Website Monitoring and Management
  • Measurable Results
  • Maintain a greater control on your 'destiny' as a company

Target Market & Keywords Research

Our unique customised South African skills and software, enable our web design team to identify the right keywords for your website - the keywords that potential visitors will actually use when searching for your services or products. The difference between web designs which use the right or wrong keywords is highly significant. For instance, wrong keywords can mean only 50 visitors a month. Right keywords can produce 3 000 or even 10 000 visitors a month.

We, at ECAT, also focus on realistic goals. There is no use to optimize your website with certain extremely competitive keywords, which could take years to rank you on the first page of the search engines, such as Google. These keywords will, instead, form part of our long term strategy, but as a start, we do focus on what we call 'long tail keywords'. These keywords are less competitive and easier to be ranked on the first page of the search engine. It is also well known that the more serious buyer will tend to refine their search in order to get the best buying option.

Our customised keyword research will also focus on your target market. According to our analysis in our Online Marketing & Website Design section of this website, we will attract the type of buyer which is the most likely to maximize your profits and sales.

Website Engineering / Online Optimization

Our state of the art website building expertise will ensure that your website is built efficiently, in order to maximize your keywords exposure. For instance, very few website companies have the knowledge of building a website in order to maximize the ratio content over website coding. Strangely, website engineering is one of the most neglected aspects of SEO field, but also one of the most important. At ECAT, we make it one of our strongest emphasis points in our overall SEO strategy.

Offline Submission

i. Search Engine Submission
Your site will be registered with all the major relevant search engines and directory services, as part of the initial site registration process. We then monitor the visibility of your site, as a continuing function of the web hosting service we provide.

ii. Directory Submission & Backlinks
Backlinks increase the popularity of your website and Google likes the use of backlinks i.e. Google the more relevant companies which link back to your website, the better!

iii. Competitor Analysis
We analysis the website of your most usccesful competitors. This way we can adapt to their strategy and understand what Google prioritize

Corrective Adjustment

By looking at your monthly statistics and others keyword-based tools, we will be able to understand the impact of certain pages and keywords on the overall monthly traffic of your website. Continuous minor amendments and submissions in this regard will be made free of any additional charges by ECAT and, usually, even without your knowledge. These corrective adjustments will ensure the growth of your website on a monthly basis.

SEO VS Google Adwords

It is well known fact that a large number of companies subcontract directly or indirectly Google AdWords, to increase their internet traffic, but it is a very costly experience and most of the time may even be 'fruitless' in the medium and long term, as it is only a temporarily measure to increase internet traffic to a website.

Thus, unfortunately, owners of websites often outsource this activity entirely to Google and some service providers in this area often mislead their customers by calling themselves SEO experts (which is a misrepresentation on their part), whereas, in fact, these service providers are in essence leaving all the work to Google, while the bulk of their work is simply to collect their monthly fee from their client.