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Google holds the keys to your online success. They are not only the gateway to lots of web visitors, but they are also in essence the faucet for a stream of money flowing into your bank account. That's why you need a smart ECAT search engine optimization strategy that let's Google know what your area of expertise is, and then delivers the clients that actually need what you can provide.


If your current website fall into any of the following categories, then you must ACT NOW!

  • slow loading pages
  • outdating technology
  • not mobile friendly
  • no keywords focus
  • no reporting & stats
  • poor conversion

Our job as your SEO Specialist

✓  Site assessment

The first step in the SEO process is a complete assessment. Whether a site has ever been optimized before or not, we will evaluate all of the factors impacting its rankings, as well as where it stands in the results pages for the company’s most important target keywords. We will also look for any major issues impacting user experience, like page load times, navigation setup, and site structure. Finally, we will also take a client’s competitors into consideration during our site assessment. We will identify other sites targeting similar keywords and the same audience, then evaluate what they’re doing well. All of this information will help them determine what changes need to be made. Then, we can prioritize these changes based on which will have the biggest impact.

✓  Ongoing optimization & testing

After our assessment, we will get to work on the priorities we have identified. we’ll do keyword research, optimize pages for the keywords they select, and fix any usability issues. This initial optimization process alone often takes a few months but it’s important to recognize that it doesn’t stop there. That’s because SEO is a long-term strategy. We are always on a look out to identify new opportunities to improve your site on a regular basis. We also make it a priority to keep up with industry changes so that we can make sure your site stays ahead of algorithm updates and up-to-date with the tactics other marketers are finding effective.

✓  Reporting & analysis

Finally, we will regularly monitor and analyze our results. From a client standpoint, this helps you make sure that you know exactly what kinds of results you’re getting for your investment. But beyond that, regularly checking in on key metrics like traffic and conversions helps us get a clearer understanding of what’s working and what isn’t, so that we can continuously improve our strategy.

Our team of SEO experts will go through each page of your website and implement strategic and synergistic content. We build strong, long lasting relationships with each client. We treat everyone like family and go above and beyond in service.

SEO Strategy

Our primary goal is to increase our clients’ visibility in search results for queries related to their industry, products, and services. Organic search is a huge part of most business’s website performance, as well as a critical component of the buyer funnel and ultimately getting users to complete a conversion or engagement.

Here at ECAT we develop SEO content strategies for people first, search engines second. We believe a strong SEO strategy is the best way to appear at the top of the search engine results page. The more search visibility you have, the more qualified traffic you can send to your website. At ECAT, we work to connect business, brands and partners with the people who are interested in them. We understand keyword targeting is important for SEO, but we also understand that the way people search has changed. Our SEO strategy combines on-site optimizations and off-site initiatives, all in accordance with Google and other search engines’ best practices. We take the guesswork out of SEO and rely on our tried and tested methods to generate a return on your marketing

SEO vs Google Adwords

It is well known fact that a large number of companies subcontract directly or indirectly Google AdWords, to increase their internet traffic, but it is a very costly experience and most of the time may even be 'fruitless' in the medium and long term, as it is only a temporarily measure to increase internet traffic to a website.

Thus, unfortunately, owners of websites often outsource this activity entirely to Google and some service providers in this area often mislead their customers by calling themselves SEO experts. (which is a misrepresentation on their part), whereas, in fact, these service providers are in essence leaving all the work to Google, while the bulk of their work is simply to collect their monthly fee from their client.


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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the designing, writing, and coding (in HTML) of your web site in order to improve your website rank within search engines such as Google.

Why is SEO so important?

Search engines are extremely important for any online business. Over 85% of Internet users use search engines to find products and services. SEO ensures your website has all of the necessary criteria to rank high in search results. Without high rankings, your website has little chance of gaining search engine traffic. A professional SEO campaign from ECAT can offer you the best ROI (return on investment) by delivering fresh, targeted traffic to your website that’s both free and effective.

How does SEO work?

When a search engine such as Google indexes your website, it is scored based on a few factors. Google will look at the site’s keywords, html tags and general structure & content to determine how your website is discovered by users.

How do I ensure that I stay ahead of my competition when it comes to online visibility?

Search engine marketing is not a one-time project. It must be seen as an ongoing strategic business process if you want to continually stay ahead of the competition. To that end, part of our consultative process is to assess the activities, strengths and weaknesses of your major competitors’ sites, and devising appropriate strategies for netting superior visibility for your site.

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