3D Objects

3D is a novel way to interact with products on the web.
3D Objects

3D Web to the Rescue

We are now living in a time when customer expectations are changing particularly fast, and retailers that can't keep up get left behind. A consumer who enjoys the online shopping experience at an e-store automatically begins to expect the same level of service from every virtual point of sale.

Show your products in their true form and give customers the ability to interact with them. Rotate to view at any angle and zoom in to see all the details. Customize for any possible configuration, color or texture option. Even animate your products to show how they work in real life.

3D helps you showcase products in stunning detail

Most eCommerce sites make exploring the contours of a product extremely difficult. Often, you will have to scroll through dozens of photos to find the angle you’re curious about, if that photo exists at all and then struggle to zoom to the required detail. Using a 3D model gives customers a far more holistic view of the product than simple static images.

If you’re an online retailer, one of your biggest challenges is that your customers cannot try your products as they would in a physical store.

Before a customer makes the decision to make a purchase, she or he usually wants to see a product, try it, and eventually fall in love with it. A 3D strategy will not only help you meet these needs, but it will also allow customers to configure products to their exact desires. It allows your customers to experience and explore your product in more detail: they can zoom in, zoom out, rotate and explore the product from all angles. You are actually experiencing a digital twin of the product, the closest you can get to the actual thing. And you can engage with it even before deciding to buy it.

Engage your customers and increase your sales

This configurator from ECAT allows users to customize all elements and to see the associated pricing as they configure their dream boat. Once they’re happy with their model they can share it on social media. It’s a thoroughly modern approach that creates much greater engagement than static images.

Take your users on a tour of your products with 3D annotations

Product descriptions are critical for customers when considering an online purchase. Providing your customers with more details and contextual information can help your customers understand your products and their features.

ECAT will help you create the WOW factor to boost your sales with 3D visualization and personalization of your products within your own browser, always including augmented reality. Your customers will love it.


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