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Established in 1973 on the original principle of supplying hostels with affordable products and innovative solutions to improve their day to day operations. As Ascot Site Solutions grew, when they began to see a gap in the international market and quickly acted on it by shifting their focus towards providing remote sites and other mass accommodation sectors with end to end integrated solutions that are affordable and customizable to suit every need.

Ours is to ensure that Ascot Solutuons reach their local and international market efficiently. The Ascot website is designed for the best user experience, compatible in all devices. It doesn’t end there, but we also make Google know what Ascot’s area of expertise is, and then delivers the clients that actually need what Ascots can provide. We know SEO! We did not only build a beautiful website for Ascot, but we've made sure that there is traffic coming to this website, and there is clear leads and sales. All our backend tools allow Ascot to have a complete overview of the current website status and to administer efficiently all activities in a timely manner.


Bamboo Beat Media is a Digital Media Agency specialising in the implementation and management of digital signage solutions. Since their inception in 2008 have built up a client base; in both the retail and corporate sectors. Bamboo Beat Media is unique in the fact that it is a firm that strives to always offer the most personal and customized service.

Our website design team has put together a cutting-edge website for BambooBeat to showcase their work and services. The BambooBeat website is built responsively to optimize function and performance, and we have used our SEO expertise to improve their Google rankings. Each page on the website is custom built to showcase the products and services of BambooBeat. All our backend tools allow BambooBeat to have a complete access to the performance and activities of their website effectively.


Travel2Africa is South Africa’s top travel agency offering a total African experience aiming at promoting the different cultures, way of living, way of thinking, history, sociology & general knowledge by means of sharing via the vehicle of tourism.

Our team of proffesional web designer is always up to date with the world's trendy website designs and the Travel2Africa website set itslef apart with it's stylish look and it's mobile responsivness. The objective of every travel agency is to be known worldwide and attract clients from all over the globe, and we know Google holds the keys to online success. Our team of seo experts ha sput a lot of effort and dedication in ensuring optimised google ranking accross all platforms. With our dynamic content management system, Travel2Africa is able to keep clients up to date with the latest travel news.

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