Boosting your business Sales and Marketing with Google AdWords

In today’s rapidly changing economic, political, and social landscape, it has never been more important for brands to be agile. Agility is much more than marketing. It is structure, training, how we orient service lines and engage with customers, and being open to testing and learning quickly and transparently to meet new demands. And it is more than just accelerating digital transformation. It is undeniable that the world has gone digital. It is becoming the most important lever marketers have for positioning and organising their businesses, products, and marketing for the future, Google is the future! Google is where people search for what to do, where to go, and what to buy. Your Ad can appear on Google at the very moment someone is looking for products or services like yours. The objective of digital marketing is to get your brand visible and attract potential customers by utilising the power of online-based digital platforms like Google. What you need is for these platforms to recognise your brand as a powerful influencer and your website as an authority when it comes to your specific industry, products, and services.


As a certified Google Partner, ECAT Online, a Digital Marketing company, has a proven track record of generating leads through numerous Google Ads Marketing platforms. We formulate a long-term solution for your company with conversion tracking, and provide you with real world data, to show you exactly where your money is going. We research and analyse your industry, as well as your competition, to formulate competitive strategies. In addition, we study your target audience, and optimise your site to out-rank the competition.

Google Ads campaigns are created for businesses and people, who would like to advertise on the Google search engine, to offer products, services, and information, with the view to grow their sales and marketing. Google Ads campaigns are created on Google’s advertising platform, where you bid on keywords for your pay-per-click ads pricing

You can manage your monthly and daily budget spends with Google, by choosing what you wish to pay when someone clicks on your Ad. With Google Ads, you can increase brand awareness and traffic to your website, display your Ads on various devices such as computers, cell phones, tablets, and even in apps. 

Posted on 08 March 2021
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