About the Founder

6. About the Founder

Hugo Gauthier is the founder of ECAT Online System and has been residing in South Africa since 1996.

Hugo is undoubtedly one of the few experts in South Africa specialising in online systems for the building industry. His knowledge in all the fields of online development makes him a valuable asset to his clients and alliance partners. Over the years Hugo has developed a strong relationship with key players in the electrical, plumbing & hardware industry and his good understanding of the industry, combined with his knowledge of Google, makes him the perfect candidate for any online marketing strategy. His business skills, life skills, online knowledge, language and acute understanding of the building & online marketing industry makes him the perfect choice of any alliance partners based locally or internationally.

Personal History

  • Hugues (Hugo) Gauthier was born in Montreal (Quebec), Canada, the 22nd of May 1969
  • Graduated as an Electronic Engineer at Montreal Ecole Polytechnique in 1992
  • Has done his final year project at the CNRS research centre in Toulouse, France
  • Worked 4 years in the electronic engineering field before deciding to travel at the age of 27
  • Was part of the university ice hockey team and has been representing the university at national level
  • Was part of the drama association and did plays in Quebec and France
  • Started his own company in the Republic of South Africa in 2002 and currently owns 100% shareholding of ECAT Online System

Hugo is a dedicated individual who believes in the future of South Africa and understands that in order to achieve a brighter future for all, we must stand together regardless of race, conviction and belief and work together as a united front.

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